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Who Is Asking YOU Powerful Questions?


Organizations live and die by their ability to ask questions that decide new product viability, new marketing campaigns, or the best path to reach stated goals. 

Asking the right questions; "What did we learn" or "How do we need to make the most of this opportunity" reveal valuable insights when asked in an environment conducive to trust and growth.

As a CEO or a COO, talent development costs come out of other priority ventures. But what is the ROI on a coaching program that raises productivity 15-20%? 

Are you willing to challenge assumptions?  Could a shift in your thinking drive change in your business? Envision the results born from action.  

How Am I Going To Help You?

Who is Scott Hopkins


As a veteran with an insatiable curiosity for learning that turned into a passion to create conscious growth in other people. This hunger focuses on understanding and helping small businesses unlock potential in developing and investing in human capital. That love comes from seeing a flash in a person's eyes when awareness bursts forth.  Deliver that to business by creating a culture of growth, trust and communication.


A unique career of 24 years of serving in both the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Air Force as a follower, leader, mentor, trainer, aviator, officer, coach, and a teacher cultivated broad insights. Furthermore, close engagement with the U.S. Army, U.S. Marines, 25 NATO Nations and the Air Forces of the Arabian Gulf Region; formed a unique perspective on leadership, organizational development, and team dynamics.

How does success managing a team of professionals in a combat at 30,000 feet for ten hours after 2 days of planning translate to driving organizational health? How are others trained to reach success under the same circumstances? Success comes from expertise in coaching, training and developing team dynamics, communication, and building trust.

With 3200 flight hours, over 2700 in combat over 3 different conflicts and over 800 hours teaching and training speaks of dedication to winning.  Educating individuals, small classes and large seminars all across the world in diverse environments is a testament to versatility in any setting. 

Proven proficiency in organizational development, assessing performance, rebuilding or creating five different divisions forged measurable team success both in and out of combat. 

As a lifetime student, continual work on personal development from sources such as John Maxwell, Christian Simpson, Dale Carnegie, and many others, evolves an insatiable curiosity towards business.

Why does this matter?


As a consummate professional, bringing accurate and relevant business practices to clients is paramount. A certified Associate Professional in Talent Development, trained and certified coach, an experienced trainer, and an instructional designer businesses receive quality performance. Extensive military experience gives brings discipline and high standards to the shift in business culture. A personal approach to assessing needs and crafting continued growth is the primary goal.

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