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Who Is Asking YOU Powerful Questions?


Organizations live and die by their ability to ask questions that decide new product viability, new marketing campaigns, or the best path to reach stated goals. 

Asking the right questions; "What did we learn" or "How do we need to make the most of this opportunity" reveal valuable insights when asked in an environment conducive to trust and growth.

As a CEO or a COO, talent development costs come out of other priority ventures. But what is the ROI on a coaching program that raises productivity 15-20%? 

Are you willing to challenge assumptions?  Could a shift in your thinking drive change in your business? Envision the results born from action.  

How Am I Going To Help You?

Who is Scott Hopkins


Who is Scott Hopkins?

Joined US Navy 1992

US Air Force Reserves – 1998

Commissioned US Air Force – 2000

First Combat Mission – Afghanistan Feb 2002

Master Air Battle Manager

5 Air Medals

3000 total hours

1900 combat over 3 different theaters

E-8C, E-3A, CRC

Average crew 10-21 personnel

Served with NATO, Gulf Coalition, International Allies

Built, Trained, Lead teams of all sizes and nationalities in high stress environments


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