Training and Professional Development

Lunch and Learn - John Maxwell Team

Introductory lesson's to a wide range of leadership and professional development subjects for all levels of corporate or personal development. 

Mastermind Groups

A chance to sit down with like minded individuals and have John Maxwell's best Leadership and Professional Development material explained by a certified trainer.

John Maxwell Leadership Game

Leadership game, John Maxwell, Team training, Leadership assessment

The Leadership Game is your opportunity to introduce your leaders to a new assessment tool that is unlike any other.  Challenge your leadership to have open discussions about leadership principles and values to help leaders uncover gaps and areas for improvement within their leadership teams. 

Effective Trainers

Limited Professional Development budget?  Don't have the staff to train your employees on new procedures?

Our trainers have hundreds of hours in classrooms, in many facets of education.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Lunch and Learn?

A Lunch and Learn is a 30-45 minute introduction to pre-selected material as a chance to introduce concepts or programs available for Masterminds or training programs. 

What is a Mastermind?

A Mastermind group is an 8-10 week course based on agreed upon material in which a group of 6-8 clients will discuss and dive deep into the material.  The focus of a Mastermind is to develop better ideas, practices, understandings of leadership, communication, personal or professional development.

What subjects will we cover?

Most of the Mastermind and Lunch and Learn events are focused on one of John Maxwell's most popular Leadership and Professional Development books.  Courseware will be chosen prior to beginning the first training cycle to ensure materials are available.  Pricing based on time and material commitment.

21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

Good Leaders Ask Great Questions

Everyone Communicates, Few Connect

Becoming a Person of Influence

Developing the Leaders Around You

15 Invaluable Laws of Growth

Put your Dream to the Test

Sometimes you Win, Sometimes you Learn

Other John Maxwell Material can be found through my team member website.  

How much does a Mastermind or Lunch and Learn Cost?

The cost of a Lunch-and-Learn is typically free unless the venue where the event is presented has a cost involved.  A Lunch and Learn is meant to entice further participation with Mastermind groups or coaching.

The cost of each Mastermind group is based largely on the content, the material and the time commitment for each subject.  

Pricing can be discussed during event planning.

Do you have any group packages?

Corporate events where employees are encouraged to participate in Masterminds will receive a group rate.  

Individuals groups who request a Mastermind with an exclusive group not involving outside participation can request a group rate also.

Can we simply buy the leadership game from your company?

The leadership game is solely proprietary to the John Maxwell Team and can only be facilitated by JMT certified trainers.  If you are interested in having a business copy of the Leadership Game, you can discuss the requirements for completing the training as a JMT member in order to purchase and facilitate the game.